Monday, 16 January 2012

January Sale And Valentines Day

Something odd was happening to my blog, so apologies if anyone was trying to read it and failing! Anyway i think it is now fixed!

To make way for some lovely new designs and fabrics for 2012 I have decided to have a small sale, so please do pop by and take a look at the sale section of the site. All of the products listed have 40% off! What a bargain!
Here's a taster:-

Sailor Clutch now only £15

Strawberry Purse Now only £9

Sunny Days Clutch Now only £15

There are plenty more items available for both you and your pet, please take a look!

Valentines Day

For this year, I have made some lovely heart dog bandanas, show your pooch (or moggy!) how much you care :) Harry is a pure Romeo in his!! If you would like to order one please do so as soon as possible to ensure they reach you for the special day.

Valentines Heart Dog Bandana From £3

I have also started to make some lovely Spring Dog coats, these will be available shortly in a mixture of fabrics including:
*Waterproof - For those wet and soggy days

* Fashion - If the sun is out, let your pup show their trendy side
* Absorbent Towel Lining - If you pooch likes to roll about in the wet, this will keep them nice and dry, plus warm at the same time
* Flourescents - So your pooch can be seen when the night sets in
* Fleece - Keeps your pup nice and snug when it is cold outside

Tweed Dog Coat From £10 available X-Small To X-Large or custome request 

Don't forget it is handmade Monday! Please pop by and show your support on 1st Unique Gifts blogspot for the wonderful talent that is there.

Thanks for stopping by ZukieStyle :0)



Lots of lovely bargains - am sure they will not be up for sale for long. Good luck. Hope you have a good week.

Caroline Nash said...

Harry is so sweet in his bandana, not sure Shiloh's would stay on as he has this knack of getting out of most things. Hope your sale goes well

Wendy said...

Love the idea of a heart bandanna for dogs on Valentine's Day! Good luck with the sale, the bags look fab x

Jam Dalory said...

Good luck with the doggy coats and the sale. The bandanas look super sweet. x

mcrafts said...

Love the little bandana - good luck with your sale Mich x

Ros Made Me said...

Love the bandana, the coat... now may I have the cute doggie, please? :)

Ali said...

I love your doggy stuff and the fabric on those bags are great.

Good luck with your sale.

Ali x

Susie said...

Very cute doggie stuff! :)

Helen said...

The heart bandana is really cute :)
Will be directing my sister in law to you, she likes her dog accesories!

ZukieStyle said...

Thank you for the lovely comments everyone! It's nice to be appreciated :)
Helen, yes do direct your sister-in-law to me, if she has any special requests let me know as I'm always looking to offer new doggy bits!xx

Blackwillow said...

Always good to see some bargains - that'll mean you've got more room for now stuff won't it? ;-)

Picto said...

Hi Dee, good luck on the sale. I like the idea of the florescent dog coats, I don't have a dog but I do drive and have friends who cycle and it's great that your pets can be seen.

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