Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Does your pet have ZukieStyle?

Once again I have been neglecting my little blog, so I shall make another new blog resolution to write at least once a week to you!

This week has seen the start of CRAFTfest, a virtual craft fair run by the website and forum 'creative connections' But I shall tell you more about that in my next post as I'd like to share some work from fellow designers and makers taking part in CRAFTfest to include :)

So instead I shall tell you about my new monthly feature, 'Does Your Pet Have Zukiestyle?' I thought it would be a great idea to get some photos of your furries in their Zukiestyle purchases, I always love to see them! So we started off with July 2013, a year since my last blog post! As this was the first time I'd done this feature I hadn't expected many people to get involved but I was pleasantly surprised! All I ask is that you submit your image via my facebook page/ twitter/email and the one with the most likes is the winner!
 It was safe to say there was a clear winner for my first, that been Edward Hopewell, who I'm sure you'll agree looks pawsome! On winning this title Edward gets to feature on my website homepage and facebook cover image throughout July. He said of his win 'Oh my.... Fank you so much ebery pawdy.... 
Jumps up and down, spins a wound, touches da floor den does a zoomie...... Excited... 
Yup.. Nods da head.... Paws... ("') ("') xx'

We asked Edward a few questions to help us get to know him:

ZS: Well done on winning this month's 'Does Your Pet Have ZukieStyle'. You're famous!
EH: Oh wow... Dis is so bery excitings fur me... We gonna be gweat as a team dis monff.
ZS: I'd like to ask you a few questions if I may. Edward what is your Nickname?
EH: My nickname is Posh Paws!
ZS: What breed are you?
EH: I is a chocolate Labrador
ZS: What is your favourite food?
EH: My favourite foodables is da hedgehog chew from da Eco dog company
ZS: What is your favourite toy?
EH: My favourite toy is my squeeky hedgehog!
ZS: Tell me a random fact about yourself...
EH: I'm a rescue doggie from da East Midlands Labrador rescue...my aim is to help uver doggies find dere furever home, dem doggies dat aren't as pawtunate as me..xxx

And here is Edward's winning piccie I'm sure you will agree he looks very handsome!
Edward wears the British Union Dog Bandana
If you'd like your furry featured next month please send me your piccies of them looking pawsome!

That's all from me until later in the week when I shall update you all on CRAFTfest.
Thanks for reading!

Dee xx 

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