Sunday, 7 February 2010

It's been a year!

Well would you believe it has been a year since I last blogged!
It has been so hectic during that time I am not suprised I haven't visited my page in a while. I have been very busy moving, sewing and displaying!
Me and my other half Curt have moved to my home town, Lincoln. The move came just before Christmas which was not the best timing! We have been fortunate enough to get somewhere to stay and not have to worry too much about a high rent. We also landed ourselves our jobs just at the right time so decided to go for it.
 At the same time, I exhibited ZukieStyle at The Clothesshow at the NEC in Birmingham. What an experience! It was an intense week. I managed to sell half my stock and advertise my product to the best of my abilities. Although, next time I think I would prefer to be in a different zone.
 I am now busy working on my two collections for the beauty pageants I am sponsoring. The first is in March and will be taking place at Runcorn, 'Miss Galaxy UK.'

Uk Galaxy Beauty Pageants

You will also find a link on the site to my website under sponsors.

The second will take place in Kent for 'Ethnic Minority Pageants'

Ethnic Minority Pageants

As well as a sponsor, I have also been asked to be a judge for this one.
I am really looking forward to attending both and I hope they are really successful.
I will be posting the winners bags as soon as they have been created. So watch this blog!

That's all for now but I will be updating my blog regularly from now on.
Chat soon!

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Minky Magic said...

Welcome back! Look forward to reading more posts and hearing about all your new adventures!

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