Monday, 22 February 2010

Collection for Galaxy Pageants UK - Finally finished!!!

Phew!!! The collection is done and the bags are eagerly awaiting their new home in the winners and finalists hands!

Late 2009, I was asked by Galaxy Pageants to be an official prize sponsor for their contest in March.
I gladly accepted. This was a nice experience to create pretty, sparkly and girly products as most of my creations up until now have been quite vintage inspired.

The aim was to use the Union Jack as a design feature. Last year, the winner Hayley Mac took a bag with the design to the internationals in America where it proved quite popular. My mission - to create a similar idea for my collection, but handmade and individual of course. are the completed designs! There is a clutch for each winner (Miss & Miss Teen Galaxy) and the 5 runners up in each category will receive a purse.

The Victory Sparkle - Gold

This is the winners clutch for 'Miss Galaxy UK 2010'
The main fabric is Duchess Satin in Gold.
Lined with a Black Satin.
Lace & Ribbon detail with clear Hot-Fix diamante.
The bag is fastened using a brass magnetic clasp.

The Victory Sparkle - Black

This is the winner's clutch for 'Miss Teen Galaxy 2010'
The main fabric is Satin in Black.
Lined with a Red Satin.
Herringbone and lace detail with red and black Hot- Fix diamante.
The bag is fastened using a brass magnetic clasp.

                                               Honey Purse - Runners up prize.

                                               Honey Wiggle - Runners up prize.

                                                Lady Sparkle - Runners up prize

                                                      UK Chic - Runners up prize

                                                 Purple Drop - Runners up prize

Purple Lace Wiggle - Runners up prize

                                                  Sugar Plum - Runners up prize

                                                  Sugar Dust - Runners up prize

UK Sparkle - Runners up prize

UK Wiggle - Runners up prize

Well - there they are! I hope you have enjoyed looking at them as much as I did designing them.
I'd really appreciate your thoughts on your favourites as I can use the fabrics for part of my Wedding Collections this year. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Going to tootle of now and update on my website!
Dee x


Minky Magic said...

The lady sparkle and uk chic in black and red are my faves, along with the pink ones. You've obviously worked really hard on this collection. Congratulations!

ZukieStyle said...

Thank you for your comments!

I'm happy it is complete! I also think the colours for those two really seem to shine out.

Get Creative! said...

I love the honey purse and victory sparkle in black. They are really fab. Where do you sell them? x

Louise said...

What lovely bags!

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All About The Bag
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