Monday, 4 August 2008

Busy, busy bee!

Well, it has been so long since i started my blog, and oh dear, i havent done so well at keeping it up have I?!
So much has happened in the past few months, I have finished my job as a bar manager. I feel so much better, more time to sleep! I now have a job at the new curve theatre in leicester, I start at the end of august, the building opens in september. It will be so different but I think I will enjoy it, i've have always wanted to work in theatre.
I am also trying to get the experience together to teach, something i wanted to start this year but i think will happen next year now. I have been accepted to be a volunteer for the brownies, that will be different! But I cant wait to share my skills with the girls.
So with my 3weeks of not working, i am getting my stock together for two fairs which i am attending to show my designs to the public. Fingers crossed people will like them!
I will shortly add some pics of some accessories I have made, I thought head scalves and material chokers would sell well, what do you think.....?x

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jezzabell said...

love your bags! hope you sell plenty at the fair! and wishing you luck with new job!

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All About The Bag
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