Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Brand new blogging!

Hi there, i'm dee a regular on the craft forum, i have just created my blog. Not really sure what i'm meant to say but i guess its just like a diary for my craft- right?
Well i design and make my own handbags and accessories under the name 'zukiestyle'. My business is new, and i would like to do this as a fulltime job, I am currently stuck in a rut as a manager working in a bar- not what i hoped for at university!!!But it does pay the bills....

Let me know about your experiences and how you all came to write your blogs!

bye for now!


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urbanfairy said...

saw you on the craft forum and just thought i'd 'pop in' and say hi (like ya do!). i've also just started a blog so was being nosey as to what people put on them!

i love the bags. they look very professional and unique which i think is a great thing. good luck with it all


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All About The Bag
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