Sunday, 15 July 2012

Local Business From Lincolnshire

Today I'm going to share with you some of the lovely talent that is out there in Lincolnshire. Have a read and you may see something that will help you with your needs!

First of all I'm going to introduce you to Yourpa. Yourpa is a flexible PA service for all your business needs. Services they offer include:
General Administration
Appointment Making
Co-ordination Of Meetings
Events And Travel Publications
Production And Proof Reading Of Reports And Presentations.
If you would like to contact them to find out more please contact Lynette on facebook or visit their website.

Pink Dragon's Designs is run by Elizabeth who is mad on interior designs! She aims to create a room which is stylish, fit for purpose and doesn't cost the earth. Elizabeth will start off with an initial consultation to help find out what it is you would like to change about your room and how to go about it through the use of moodboards and window or wall elevation (drawing of scheme)
Wall elevation for room with a view
If you would like Elizabeth to help you create a beautiful space on a budget please visit the website

Chirpy Crafts is a small business run by Laura, specialising in hand embroidered and crocheted textiles designed to bring a blast of chirpy colour to your life. All items are handmade and custom orders are available.

A selection of Chirpy Products
You can find Chirpy Crafts at various events around Lincolnshire and via the facebook page  there is also a website where you can purchase items direct

 I will be regularly featuring different businesses over the coming weeks, so please keep an eye on my blog and if you are local even better as you may get to meet some of these lovely people!

This week for my handmade Monday (please pop over to handmade harbour for information) I'm going to show you a selection of my new cat collars. not to be left behind by the pooch, how about treating your moggy to something? My cat collars do of course also come for smaller dog breeds and teacup varieties. The following glitter selection was inspired by The Wizard Of Oz :)
Pink Purple Munchkin glitter cat collar 

Ruby Slipper Red glitter cat collar

Toto White glitter cat collar

Emerald Green Wicked Witch glitter cat collar
  These cat collars are also featured in this month's UK Handmade Showcase which is featuring lots of items under the title 'Glamour' go take a peek at the lovely handmade items on offer that won't break the bank. 

Have a lovely week everyone!xx


Caroline Nash said...

Very swish collars and I love glitter

Chris Powell said...

What beautiful cat collars.My cats would love to have such a collars but would destroy them within a day.

knitnrun said...

If I had a cat I would buy the purple one!

Ali said...

Thanks for the informative post. I know a cat that would love a wizard of oz collar. I really like the red one. Ali x

fatmonica said...

Love the cat collars,especially the emerald green one.I'd like to wear it as a bracelet actually!

Wendy said...

Very lovely collars!


Great cat collars - love the green one. Hope you have a good week.

Free Spirit Designs said...

fabulous glitsy collars! x

Picto said...

Love the sparkle, the colours and names are puuurrrfect for these collars. (sorry)

Jan x

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