Thursday, 18 November 2010

Christmas Craft Friday!!

Up until Christmas I will be featuring a weekly selection of some of the best UK designers. This feature will make an appearance every Friday. So if you are looking for some ideas for Christmas presents or something different to treat yourself, keep your eyes on my blog!
Each designer has their own craft skill, each item, individually designed and made by theirselves. For more information please click their link or contact me for more information.
Thanks for reading!!

Crafty #1 - Kryshees - bringing you handmade, unique adornments for your littlies and you!
By Krysia Watson

Ellie is a knee high elephant, in a beautiful blue deck chair type fabric and super soft light blue denim inner ears. He has layered vintage button eyes and a tassly wool tufty tail.
To see more of Elliefant please visit Kryshees Folksy Store
Krysia is also a happy blogger, to follow her visit Kryshees Blogspot 
And keep up with Kryshee Tweets on Twitter!!!

Crafty #2 - Bodrighy-Bodrighy Wood.

With Christmas coming and those really awkward relatives to buy for maybe something on Bodrighy's site would help. There are a wide range of prices and items, all hand made, most from local woods. Crafty things, arty things or downright practical things.

Made from spalted sycamore this lovely fruit bowl is 9" diameter and 3" tall. A good size for practicality. It is finished in an easily maintained wax polish.
You can find more beautiful designs at Bodrighy Wood

You can also follow Pete's mental meanderings at Bodrighy Blogspot if you are feeling particularlykind hearted.

Please do take the time to have a look at the designers featured on Christmas Craft Friday, I'm sure you will agree they are all fantastic :)



Sparrow Primitives said...

That Elliefant looks like so much fun! What a fabulous idea. xx

Lady Cherry said...

That certainly is a lovely Ellie. I had a teddy Ellie when I was little and for a while it was bigger than me, 'til I grew! x

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