Tuesday, 12 October 2010

New Dog Products From Zukie's Den

I can't believe it's mid October already! It has been a while since I last blogged and updated you on ZukieStyle.

ZukieStyle attended a doggy funday recently which allowed us to show off some of the new pet range - Zukie's Den.
 This is a fab new addition to the Zukiestyle website and comprises of lovely,quirky products for your beloved pet. Just as the handbags and accessories are handmade, so are the collars, leads and bandanas. The site is been updated as we speak but if you are interested in a bespoke accessory for your little one do let me know and I will source the fabric for you.

Available in a variety of colours & sizes

Available in 4 sizes and a variety of colours

Available in a variety of patterns and 4 sizes to fit over your dog's collar

I do hope you like the new additions to ZukieStyle! Keep checking back for more. Remember these are just a taster and to show you what's on offer, please contact me for your own personal styles and colours.

Not to forget the moggys!! We are currently working on a safe quick release collar range for your puss. Please pop back for updates!xx


MissLucylu said...

love the dog bandanas.. i have two cats and pretty sure they would scratch me to death if i went near them with one of these. They look really cool though. xxx

ZukieStyle said...

Aaaaw bless! It seems to be that way with cats I think they don't like wearing anything around their necks! I need to think of alternative accessories for them :0) x

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